About Us

Bright Tomato Learning is an Australian company based in Sydney where we are dedicated to producing and distributing great quality, educational and early development products. We want to cater for parents and carers who would like to start providing learning opportunities to their kids very early in life.

Bright Tomato Learning was established by an Aussie mum with a psychology degree after her son was born in 2004. After a while she realised that first-time mums had nowhere to turn when they wanted to come up with fun, interesting and educational activities for kids to do at home. Although childcare centres and preschools are filled with simple, interesting toys that stimulate brain development and encourage creative and imaginative play, they are mainly only available from wholesalers that service schools and childcare centres. So she set about to change that and Bright Tomato Learning on-line store and information portal was born.

Bright Tomato's particular focus, however, initially was on early reading. Starting reading early is the key to developing a love for it later on in life. If a child starts reading early it becomes part of their being and they cannot imagine life without it. The literature on early childhood and development indicates that introducing kids to print and the written word as early as possible is the key to early reading. However, because babies and toddlers find it difficult to focus on tiny print in books and small flashcards, we have decided to create our unique range of JUMBO Reading Cards. The cards are bright, colourful and interesting which will also encourage spontaneous, creative play - essential parts of every child's healthy development. The JUMBO Reading Cards are designed and distributed by Bright Tomato Learning and if you would like to inquire about wholesale or dropshipping options please e-mail us at info@brighttomato.com.au.

In addition to the online store, our website has a wide array of practical early learning information – information that is usually reserved for early childhood educators. There is even a unique Early Learning Forum. Parents, grand-parents and carers are welcome to join in the forum discussions that cover topics including child development, forms of education, and children with special needs such as gifted children, and children with ADHD, Downs Syndrome, Autism or Asperger Syndrome.