Creative ideas for playing with Playdough, Salt dough and Clay

Author: admin   Date Posted:18 May 2012 

Creative ideas for playing with Playdough, Salt dough and Clay main image Creative ideas for playing with Playdough, Salt dough and Clay image

Recently, I have noticed that a table with home-made salt dough at our local play group has become a source of some anxiety for me and every time I visit it with my 18 months old toddler I leave feeling slightly guilty and a touch inadequate. Like, for instance, during the Easter week, my toddler and I sat across from mums and bubs happily rolling up Easter eggs and placing them into the amazing basket creations next to the gorgeous bunnies and cutest baby chicks made out of salt dough. We, on the other hand, were rolling dough into thick and thin sausages and although managed to roll several Easter eggs unfortunately had no lovely basket to put them in. That’s because I CANNOT MAKE BASKETS out of playdough or anything else for that matter. And consequently neither can my 18 months old toddler. Last week we sat across from a lovely young mum with her toddler and watched them making a phantasmagorical salt dough forest with trees and flowers creation out of different colour dough and toothpicks. I watched with envy which was difficult to conceal whereas my toddler watched with fascination as the sad little thick and thin sausages lay on our side of the table…

I consider myself a fairly creative person and I remember making fun stuff out of play dough when I was little but for some reason, when I handle playdough these days, my brain is just incapable of producing interesting and beautiful little figurines. Refusing to let my toddler suffer from his mother’s unfortunate inadequacy and thanks to google I have found some great resources that I would like to share. Perhaps there are other playdough challenged mums like me out there…

Here are some pages from an amazing book by Rony Oren, called “Secrets of Clay, Pets & Farm Animals 1”

Mouse and Snail

playdough ideas mouse snail
playdough ideas chicken
playdough ideas frog

playdough ideas donkey

And these Playdough Mats from Prekinders are simply amazing – just print out and stick playdough on these themed mats to make them come alive. The themes include: Carrots for the Rabbit, Dog Food and Cat Food, Feed the Giraffe and more.

I will keep adding resources that I find interesting.

Looking forward to making a snail at the next play group. I am sure other mums will be green with envy.

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