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Author: admin   Date Posted:5 October 2013 

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Amongst the myriads of different baby and toddler apps available today there are only a limited few which are of any real educational or entertaining value. It sometimes is nearly impossible to choose. And although most of them are fairly cheap (ranging from 99 cents to $3) the cost can still add up if you want to keep a variety of them on your phone. Regardless of what critics might say about babies and toddlers using electronic devices they are part of our modern daily lives and they DO help enormously, especially in situations like waiting for an appointment at the doctor’s office or attending your older child’s school concert. And if your baby manages to learn how to count to ten or adds a few new words to their vocabulary than that’s a bonus, isn’t it?

But choosing is hard and I found that the best way to choose is to download trial apps, give them to my toddler and help him decide what he likes. Of course, recommendations from friends and reading on-line reviews from other mums are also invaluable. So, here is a list of our favourites (I will add some brief descriptions and photos soon):

Baby Touch by Ladybird
(Cost – $2.99)





Animals Video Touch
(Cost – $2.99)

The concept of this little app is elegantly simple. The child sees a screen with hand-drawn pictures of 12 different animals. When a picture is touched a short 10-30 second video of that animal in real life is played. There are 4 different videos available for every animal. Every video shows the animals engaging in different activities, sometimes different varieties or breeds of the same animal are shown. For instance, for the Cat picture there is a video of a cat drinking water from the tap, another one of a cat playing with the toilet paper roll, one with a cat sitting on a window sill, looking at something outside and making noises and the final video is of a mother cat playing with her little kittens. All videos are of beautiful quality. A very entertaining, easy to use and engaging app.

Age suitability: 1 to 100 years




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