Astronomy for kids – an astronomically fun Snap Game

Author: admin   Date Posted:28 October 2010 

Astronomy for kids – an astronomically fun Snap Game main image Astronomy for kids – an astronomically fun Snap Game image

Snap is such a fun and easy game to play and it can be used as a learning tool by adapting it to any subject. And since my son has recently developed a real fascination with all things astronomical I have decided to create a simple Snap Game of Astronomy.

I have used all of the planets in our Solar System (including poor Pluto which has been demoted to a dwarf planet) as well as several other solar system bodies such as Moon, Sun, Asteroid, Meteor and Comet. Each card has a picture of the astronomical body and 3 interesting facts listed underneath. There are four identical snap cards for each of the astronomical bodies.

I must say, it has been difficult distilling the information to 3 interesting facts per astronomical body but I have learned a great deal in the process. Hopefully, now I won’t have to resort to Google everytime my son has a question on the subject of astronomy. Although, knowing the type of questions he usually asks (e.g., Mum, can aliens land on Jupiter?) Google wouldn’t have helped anyway.

So I now present to you a new addition to our Free Downloads family – The Astronomy Snap Game for Kids. All you have to do is download, print out the 15 pages (use thick paper for better snap effect) and cut it up into snap cards.

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