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Author: admin   Date Posted:3 August 2010 

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Construction sets are excellent toys for developing fine motor skills, visuo-spatial abilities and logical thinking. It’s such a fun activity and in the midst of all that fun kids are manipulating small objects (fine motor skills), visualising how the end result will look (visuo-spatial abilities) and thinking what comes next (logical thinking). All in all, construction sets make for a great fun and educational toy.

But the Mic-o-mic construction sets we have in stock right now are super special – they come in a variety of gorgeous colours and designs, look beautiful when assembled but best of all, they provide the child with an opportunity for open-ended play. There is no instructional guide on how to put each toy together so the child has to work out the process on their own which makes it so much more challenging and fun.

The new addition to our Mic-o-mic collection is this irresistible little sail boat:

mic-o-mic sail boat

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