Numerous research studies on early development show that exposing babies to print early can greatly benefit them later in life. In the past parents have tried to do this by using books and flashcards with small print. But babies have very short attention spans and so many parents find the process very frustrating.

"My First Academy - JUMBO Reading Cards" are real attention grabbers! These infant and baby flash cards are a unique A4 size. Their bright, lifelike, colourful pictures and large red word label will really capture your child's attention and improve their concentration. Even the tiniest babies who would otherwise ignore books and cards with small print will love these and will look at them long enough to absorb information. For older kids the cards work really well during group time and when placed on walls - their super large size allows them to be seen from some distance. Use the cards to teach your baby their first words, start teaching toddlers how to read, exercise and enrich their imaginations, expand their vocabulary and much much more...

The cards come in 5 fun and interesting categories that your kids can really enjoy: “Common items in the home”, “Clothes we wear”, “Fruit and vegetables”, “Farm animals” and “Numbers and colours”.

Please note: our products are safe and free of lead and other heavy metals. Wholesalers are welcome to request copies of laboratory tests. If you would like any more information about Bright Tomato products please e-mail us.

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