Help Little Storm dress himself - for all types of weather! This game will help kids improve their memory and recognition skills as well as enhancing their vocabulary and expanding their knowledge of abstract concepts. The game can be used with preschoolers or kids with special needs to help engage in conversations about items of clothing and getting dressed for different times of the year and different weather.


Be the first player to find and place all three cards onto your Dress Ups playboard and then find the correct Go Out To The Garden card to win.

How to play:

Each player takes a Dress Up playboard, the cards are shuffled and placed on the table face down. The youngest player starts the game by picking the card from the table and turning it over so that everyone can see it. If the card matches the picture on the player's playboard it is placed on the playboard. If it is not a match, the card is placed back on the table in the same spot. Next player then takes a turn. As the game progresses the players exercises their memory and recognition skills to recall where the specific cards are located so that when their turn comes they can pick up the correct card and place it on their playboard. The Go Out To The Garden card cannot be placed on the playboard until all three cards have been found.


16 Dress Up cards
4 Go Out To The Garden cards
4 Dress Up play boards

No of Players:



3 +


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